Taking photographs captures a moment in time forever – from poring over yellowing pictures of my ancestors found in an old drawer or box, to practicing picture taking with my stuffed animals at the beach as a child, and even capturing memories of my own children as babies and toddlers, pictures have always had a special place in my life.
Combining my love of photography and my natural talent as an artist and designer to create my own business was an easy and natural transition. Having studied fine arts and graduating with a degree in interior design from EMU, I’ve had a multi-faceted background in creating beauty of all kinds before deciding in 2011 to launch Heidi McClelland Photography.
I have a passion for simple and classic shots with a twist on the vintage from time to time: a newborn baby swaddled in a cozy blanket, great grandma surrounded by generations of loving relatives, or a high school senior displaying their school colors proudly – each of these moments are milestones that should be remembered forever.
My lens finds the joy, beauty, and personalities of each person that it focuses on – and I am looking forward to photographing the most important events in your life. In a relaxed environment, either on location or at my one room schoolhouse studio, we can take photos to be treasured forever.
Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a session at 734.645.7280 or at [email protected]

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